VoIP is the process of transmitting multimedia and voice content over the Internet Protocol Networks. VoIP encapsulates audio into little data packets via a codec, transmits them through an IP network and encapsulates the data back into audio on the other end of the call.

By diminishing the need for circuit switched networks, VoIP greatly reduces network infrastructure costs and enables users to call via their broadband services.

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VoIP Standards and Protocols

VoIP endpoints are usually softphones, landlines, mobiles, computer applications or WebRTC enabled browsers. These endpoints usually use G.711, the standard for transmitting uncompressed packets or G.729, the standard for compressed packets, according to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Codecs. In comes cases, voice quality may suffer when compressed, but compression reduces the bandwidth costs. For non-voice communications, VoIP uses the ITU T.38 Protocol.

VoIP is clearly emerging as the successor to the traditional landline connections. VoIP has been with us for a long time – it completed 20 years in 2015 – but only now, we have begun to realize its true potential.

Some reasons why Businesses switch to VoIP:

  • The prime reason is cost savings
  • Lower their telecommunication costs
  • Easily merge data and voice traffic
  • Seamlessly coordinate multiple offices at the same time.

How Does VoIP Work?

The great team of Unified Voice will explain in detail to you about the numerous benefits of switching over to the VoIP technology. If you consent to try this awesome deal, we connect your telephone to a high speed internet connection using an Analog Telephone Adapter or a direct Internet Phone. We then configure the settings you asked for, which usually only takes a few minutes. You’ll be then ready to go! You can receive calls and answer them in any device that you have!

Internet Phones

You can use the Unified Voice Communication service with an Internet phone and connect without the need for a standard telephone. Networking manufacturers like Linksys now offer a phone that connects directly to your broadband connection. These high quality devices allow you to receive many new features directly on the phone. You can bring your own Internet phone or choose one from our Products Section . You can use an Internet phone with our network from anywhere you connect to the internet.

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