Unified Voice brings to you easy Call Recording Services for your Business, fortified with VoIP. Granting your reliable call recording services, you can choose to record all your calls or selectively record a few extensions based on your numbers. You can also monitor and review the saved calls any time, with no need for any additional hardware, specialized equipment or technical know how.

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Very Easy To Set Up

  • You can enable automatic recording anytime with a few simple clicks
  • You can selectively record a few users and ignore others.
  • You can selectively record calls based on departments.
  • You can view the recorded calls in super organized categories like incoming or outgoing calls.

Playback and Download All Your Call Recordings At Any Time

  • All calls saved will be safely stored in our servers for 90 days
  • You can save up to 1, 00,000 calls
  • You can choose to download a single file or multiple recordings for playback and review

Call Reception

  • You can customize the greeting for incoming and outgoing calls
  • You can choose to be notified via Email on every new recording

On-Demand Option

  • You can also set up Call Recording for your personal line for calls you make or receive, at your convenience.
  • The calls can be recorded from any device, anytime.

With our guaranteed services, you can seamlessly record, save, review, playback and download your calls without the slightest fuss or fumble.