Unified Voice brings to a robust of web based enterprise-level analytics tools to help you grow big and better! Sprinkled with real insights into performance, Analytics is a solid powerful tool that can help you know what everyone is demanding of you.

By reading into the collected Analytics data, you can gain insights into the quality of your calls and the speed of troubleshooting employed in your company. You can get to know what a real customer sounds like and can make changes that will make them happier.

With Analytics, you can also see your Voice Quality Metrics to inspect if your calls are fine-tuned and crystal clear. You can also report signalling errors in the VoIP Protocols. Analytics provides you a complete vision into the network and can be very useful in providing en-to-end Data Management for Managers and Frontline Support. You can also use Analytics to set up an automatic alarm if your call quality degrades below the set threshold.

Analytics offers you a number advantages, the most obvious being an improved customer service. You can know your employee performance and your overall sales comings in one click from any device. You will have complete access to the strengths and weaknesses of your team at your fingertips to enhance your overall efficiency.

With the Analytics services from Unified Voice, you can craft the best ever calling experience for your callers and customers, making a difference in their lives, standing proud and unique from your competitors. You can jot down details on what to talk in your one on one employee meetings and help them improve and blossom into better individuals